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Height: 5'11"

Weight: 161 lbs.

Blood Type: B

Nationality: Thailand

Discipline: Muay Thai

"I am a Muay Thai Master. You are sucking gravel."

The arrogant Adon was once Sagat 's pupil. He patterned his fighting style after the jaguar, and his moves often hypnotized his opponents. He was second only to Sagat in his fighting ability, and he fought in the first World Warrior tournament. Both he and Sagat were defeated by Ryu, and Adon was disgraced that Sagat had lost to such a diminuative fighter. After Sagat's defeat, Adon was seen as the premier Muay Thai fighter, even though he had lost to Ryu as well. He eventually became a champion, but still felt dishonored at his earlier defeat. In order to restore his honor, and prove that he was champion once and for all, Adon left Thailand in search of Sagat.

His early attempts at finding Sagat proved futile, as Sagat had gone into seclusion after having lost to Ryu again. Adon did, however, run onto M.Bison, who asked Adon to join Shadowlaw. Adon declined the invitation, wanting to settle his score with Sagat first. Adon searched for months before finding Sagat, and challenged him to a fight. Sagat had just been humiliated by Ryu again, and was unprepared for another battle. Adon defeated him easily, strengthening his claim to the Muay Thai championship and increasing Sagat's disgrace.

Adon had finally defeated his former master and restored the honor of Muay Thai, but he felt it was not enough. He believed that he had to pit his fighting style against the Raging Demon of Akuma. Akuma was a mysterious Shotokan warrior who was considered to be more legend than truth, but Adon set out to find the demonic fighter. It is not known whether or not Adon actually located Akuma, or if he could have actually survived such an encounter. Nothing is known of Adon's current whereabouts, but it may only be a matter of time before he surfaces again.
1. Street Fighter (unselectable boss) 2. Street Fighter Alpha 3. Street Fighter Alpha 2/Alpha 2 Gold 4. Street Fighter Alpha 3
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